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EP-4135-000 Wiring Kit for Jazzmaster®
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EP-4135-000 Wiring Kit for Jazzmaster®

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Product Code:EP-4135-000

Wiring kit for Jazzmaster® guitars. Contains the following Allparts parts:

3.5 feet GW-0820-025 White cloth wire
3.5 feet GW-0820-023 Black cloth wire
1x EP-0088-000 1-Meg Split Linear Pot
1x EP-4988-000 1-Meg CTS Audio Pot
1x EP-0055-000 Switchcraft Input jack
1x EP-0059-000 .033 MFD Capacitor
1x EP-0056-000 .020 MFD Capacitor
1x EP-4365-000 Switchcraft Right Angle Toggle Switch
1x EP-4990-000 1-Meg Solid Shaft Linear Roller Pot
1x EP-4992-000 50K Solid Shaft Linear Roller Pot
1x EP-0260-023 Switchcraft On-On Black Slide Switch
1x AP-0652-000 Pot Bracket, new for 2011
2x MK-3155-003 Black Metal roller knobs
1x Jazzmaster® Wiring Diagram

$101.50 parts value if purchased individually.

Note: Pickguard not included. Click here to find one.

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